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Instead of using your eMiles just for yourself, you can give them to charity!

With eMiles, you can donate your saved miles to our charity, where each mile makes someone smile.
Our first charity project was a fun water slide at the Rif Swimming Pool. eMiles shoppers who donated some of their savings and eZorg, the mothercompany of eMiles made it all possible.

Our next project was an outdoor gym by the pool, funded by donated eMiles. Soon, we'll have exercise programs to help everyone in CuraƧao stay healthy. The gym is free to use; you only pay the pool entrance fee (Naf 2.50 for kids and Naf 3.50 for adults).

We promise to keep the water slide and gym in good shape with your help, and we're also saving for a water playground for younger kids, so your donated eMiles are still very welcome. You can give a part of your eMiles automatically or make a one-time donation whenever you want.